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Photo: Gisela Gamper
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Linda Mary Montano
The Art/Life Institute
9 John Street Saugerties, NY 12477 (TRANSFIGURATION HOME)
185 Abeel St. Kingston, NY 12401 (VISITATION HOME)
(845) 246-4482 (Linda Montano Books)


Steve Wilsons Laughter School: became a Laughter leader, 2006
Divine Mercy Center, Austin, TX, 1994-1998, Spiritual Practices
Ananda Ashram, Monroe, NY, 1971-1996, Meditation
U.T. Shotokan Karate Club 1991 - 1994, KARATE
Ulster Budokai, Kingston, NY, 1984-1997, Karate
Creative Music Studio, Woodstock, NY, 1981-1984, Shotokan Karate
Physical Studies Institute, Solano Beach, CA., 1977-81, Karate
Hobart Welding School, Troy, OH, Welding, 1969
University of Wisconsin, Madison, MFA Sculpture, 1966-69
Villa Schifanoia, Florence, Italy, M.A. Sculpture, 1965-66
College of New Rochelle, NY, B.A., Art, 1960-65
Maryknoll Sisters, Ossining, N.Y, Novitiate, 1960-62


2002 Bard College, Milton Avery Grad School of The Arts, July, 2 weeks
1991-1998 UT Austin, Asst. Prof., Performance.
1990 UCLA; Video/ Performance, Jan.-Mar.
1989 Ohio State University, Performance, Jan-Mar.
1988 Women's Studio Workshop, summer
  Ohio State University, Performance/ Video, Jan.-Mar.
  W.S.W., March-July.
1987 W.S.W., Aug. 1 & 2.
  Omega,  Aug. 22 & 23.
  Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia
1986 San Francisco Art Institute, March/April, Video/Performance.
1984 Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, Jan.-Mar., Performance.
1983 Chicago Art Institute, Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL, "Video Performance," Feb. ñ Mar.
  Zen Arts Center, Mt. Tremper, NY Performance, Summer, Karate for Children.
1982 Zen Arts Center, Mt. Tremper, N.Y., "Performance."
1981 Zen Arts Center, Woodstock, NY, "Performance."
  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, "Karate and Cooking for Performers."
  Women's Building, Los Angeles, "Performance, " Jan.-May.
1979 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, "Performance," 1978-79, Sept.-Jan.
1978 San Francisco State, San Francisco, "Performance,"  Sept.-Jan.
1975 U.C. Extension, San Francisco, CA, "Photography for Performers," Jan.-May.
  St. Mary's Hospital, San Francisco, "Yoga Therapy," 1972-75.
1971 Nazareth College, Rochester, NY, "Sculpture," 1969-71.
1969 Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin, "Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawings."


2010 DEEP LISTENING INSTITUTE: Advisory Board Member
2006-Present Eucharistic Minister, Ulster County Jail
2007-2008 Outside Teacher: RPI; Ryder Cooley, MFA  
2006-2007 Outside Teacher: Vermont College; Maria Chomentowski: MFA  
2005 Voluntary Laughter Leader at  Assisted Living Centers
1998-2004 Primary caretaker  for  Henry J Montano, my father
2000 Costume designer for Minnette Lehmann's, SACRAMENTO-NILE, New Langton Arts, S.F.
  Costume designer for Pauline Oliveros, Lunar opera, Lincoln Center, NYC, Oct. 18
1986 Board of Advisors, Good Sound Foundation
  Advisory Commitee, New Music America
1984 Record Cover Design for Lovely Music, Pauline Oliveros, The Wanderer.
1982 Record Cover Design for Lovely Music Records, NYC, Oliveros.
  Co-editor, "Flue," Franklin Furnace, magazine, #3, Sex, Art, and Performance.
  Office Manager, Creative Music, Studio, Woodstock, NY, 1981-1982
  Co-editor with Linda Burnham, High Performance, v.4, Food and Art.
1981 Editor, "Karate,: Kinematics and Dynamics," Lester Ingber, Unique Pub.
1977-80 Children's teacher, Del Mar Daycare Center, Del Mar, CA
1977 Designer for "Rose Moon - Music Ritual by Pauline Oliveros.î


2001 Travel Grant, College Art Association
2000 Best performance artist 2000, from Chronogram, Brian Murphy, p.31
1997 UT Austin, Summer Research Award for Research in Benares, India
  UT Austin, Special Research Grant for Performance Artists Talking
1995 Smithsonian Institute Archive: NEA Slides From Grant in Archive
1992 Bessie Award for Innovative Artists: 7 Years of Living Art.
  Dance Theatre Workshop, NYC.
1991 PO & OE Edwards Foundation Grant
1988 NYSCA (WSW)
  Susan B. Anthony Award, Feb. Window for Peace.
1987 Womenís Studio Workshop, Book Grant for the Art/Life Inst. Handbook.
  NYSCA Grant through New Museum.
1986 NYS Foundation for the Arts.
  ARTIES Award, 1st Annual Performance Art Award, Franklin Furnace.
1985 NEA Grant
1983 Women's Studio Workshop, grant for a collaboration, "Teresa."
1982 Associate Artist, Experimental Intermedia, 537 Broadway, NYC
  Book Grant for publishing, "Before and After Art/ Life Counseling," W.S.W.
1981-76 Karate Green Belt, Shotokan Karate, P.S.I., Solana Beach, CA
1980-76 Associate Fellow, Center for Music Experiment, U.C.S.D.
1979-Present Contributing Editor, "New Wilderness Letter," J. Rothenberg.
1977 N.E.A. Grant for Visual Artists.
1965 College of New Rochelle: McGoldrich Art Medal for interest, accomplishment, dedication, promise in art


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2009 Arm of the Sea Theatre; Puppett Suite, Montano as Mother Teresa, 8/16-17
  Gisianos Restaurant; Singing Amazing Grace for class reunion, 8/9
  Gershwin Hotel, NYC; Video/Performance of Masks, A retrospective look at past personas, Nov
  Iones 14th Dream Festival; Montano as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Oct
  St Marys Rosary Society, Saugerties NY; Montano performs as Mother Teresa , March
  St Marys Church Passion Cantata, Saugerties; Montano performs as Mary, March
  New World Home Cooking Restaurant, Saugerties; Art/Life Counseling, April
2008 Outside St Patrick's Cathedral: Catholic Performance Artist Reads Manifesto, Dec 8.
  Mt St Alphonsus: Being Mother Teresa Of Calcutta. Sept.
  St Mark's Church: John Cage Marathon, Abesnt-Presence Performance.
  Deep Listening Institute: Catholic Manifesto Performance , Sept.
  Arm of the Sea Theatre, Saugerties: Aunt Ganna's Fairytale. Aug.
  Muddy Cup Cafe, Kingston: 7 Hour Glandathon:Moving for 7 hours, while 7 "gland" people perform for an hour , Oct.
  Empac, Albany: Oliveros' Spiral Mandala; Performance of Elder's dance , Nov.
  The Art/Life Institute: Re-Name Performance becoming Linda Mary Montano.
  San Jose ICA: Blindfolded for 4 days, first silent and then doing Art/Life Counseling. May.
  UCSC: Performing at Sprinkle/Stephens Wedding, May.
  UCSC: Perform as 3 people at Intervene!Interrupt! Convergence, May.
  Vt College of Fine Arts: Art/Life Counseling, 3 days, Feb.
  St Patrick's Cathedral: 3 hour Prayer retreat, April.
  Goddard College, Appear on Skype and Perform Aunt Ganna Fairtale.
2007 J.Gutelius Play; The Ballad of Electra , as Queen
  St Patrick's Cathedral; 3 Hour Vow, April
  Printed Matter: Art/Life Counseling ; book launch for J Fisher's Technology of Intuition
  St Patrick's Cathedral, 3 Hour Retreat , September
  Private; Silent Piece/Peace , 7 Hours with Caterina Dere
  Symphony Hall, Toronto: Gentle At Last , 3 Hour Performance
  Woodstock Mothership: Linda as Paul Mcmahon, for 3 Hours, December
  Emily Harvey Foundation, NY; Linda As Bob Dylan, 3 hours, October
  Alternative Bookstore; for Ione's Dream Festival, I Dreamed Bob Dylan Thought He Was Linda Montano for 3 Hours, October
2006 Alternative Books:The Art of Aging/Book Party with Lisa Bernard,Oct Dream Festival.
  Inquiring Mind Bookstore:Communicating with Elders, with Irma Sagazie, Jan
  Performance Prayer Pilgrimages: Fatima,Lourdes,St Joseph(Montreal),Bard,Rome,Mexico
  Deep Listening Institute: Women & Identity, Lisa Bernard as Linda Montano,Nov
  X Space, Toronto: Do It, score for 3 Hour Massage/Laugh; cur:Jen Fisher/Jim Drobnick
  Anseong Fest, Korea: Sincha Hong: score: Laughter 3 Hours for Tara Lerner. June
  Univ of New Mexico; Dad Art Perf, video: Dad Art, curated: Steve Barry.
  Athens Ohio Film Festival, premier: Dad Art, April
2005 Deep Listening Institute, Dad Art Funeral Memorial with Steve Gorn, Dec
  Deep Listening Space, Early B'Day and Dad Art Funeral, Dec
  UCSC:Digital Arts New Media:Oct.Endurance:Performance Lecture
  Intersection for the Arts,SF:Taped Tribute for Tony Labat, Oct
  Deep Listening Space, Ione's Dream Marathon.Waking/Sleeping Absence
  Alternative Books, Kingston:Sept. Astrally There:Send Me a Letter
  The Arches,Glasgow;Nat'l Review:LiveArt; Book Launch Performance,April
  ASK Gallery:Perform at auction as Laughing Linda-Beauty.
2004 DAD ART: Saugerties, NY, 1998-2004
  Vlepo Gallery, Speaking With MY Father,Oct 23, Curated Milenkarose B.
  Deep Listening Space:Dream Fest, cur by Ione, Calling in a dream performance, Oct 17.
  Western Front, 3 Day Blindfold; ART REST, curated by VSingh. Oct 14,15,16.
  Snug Harbor Art Lab, My Father Is A Perform Artist, May 28.
  Deep Listening Space, Ione Women Fest, My Father: Artist & Creative Elders with Tobe Carey
2003 Saidye Bronfman Gallery April, Montreal,Sacramental Chakra Chair
  Western Front :Respecting the Chakras, performance workshop., Sept
  Western Front: Absent-Presence, video of  DAD ART  plus appearance by phone.
  Blanton Museum of Art, Tx. Transgressive Women/Difficult Daughters: telep perform
  Deep Listening Space; Iones 7th Dream Fest, Telephone Dream Performance
2002 Wenton Art Center;Col Ohio, 3 Days A/L Counseling
  Bard College;Dad Art, video and live performance, audience participation
  Uptown Cafe, performance of  the seven Chakras, for opening reception.
2001 Art/Life Institute,Kingston.7 Hour Chakra Meditation.Oliveros & Gampers.           
  Museopathy: Ontario, Forgiveness As Art on Alexander Henry Ship. Summer
  SFAI,San Francisco: Oct 31, Death in The Art of Linda M Montano
  Deep Listening Space, Art/Life Counseling, 10/20
  St Mark's Church, 9th John Cage B-Day celebration. 9/5 astral presence.
  Woodstock Library, performance lect: Forgiveness as Spring Cleaning, 5/11
  Deep Listening Space: One Day Degree Certificate, 6/3.
  Weston Art Center, Ohio, Art Life Counseling 5/4, 5/5
  Weston Art Center, Ouio, I Slept With LMM< Overnight Perform.5/5
  Living Room Project, YChuma, 3 Hours Art/Life Counseling, Home of L. Weintraub
  Saugerties Senior Citizens Center, Perform with 92 yr old ISagazie. 1/4,  4/7
2000 Flying Saucer Cafe, Kingston. Dec 20. Performance, Dad and Dad's Daughter.Christmas party.
  New Langton Arts, S.F. As Egyptette for Minnette Lehmann's, Sacramento-Nile, Nov .11.
  Deep Listening Space, Oct 28. Ione's Dream Festival, Feed The People, a dream.
  Ananda Ashram, March. Hillary Clinton.
  Roundout Park, Kingston. Celebration of Cultures.POF.As Diva sing Moon River.
  Knitting Factory NYC. June 13. Hillary and Barbara Talk (Montano & Martha Wilson)
  Deep Listening Space, Ulster to Ulster. Performance of Other Selves Inside LMM. Sept 2.
  Lincoln Center, Lunar Opera, Aug 18.Three Hours Lying Down as "Luna-Tic"
  Artists Soapbox Derby, Kingston. Aug 19. Opening song Star Spangled Banner.
1999 Maine College, Lecture:Death in the Art/Life of Linda Montano Nov 14
  Univ of S Maine, Four Days of Art/Life Counseling, Lecture, Nov
  Deep Listening Space, Kingston, Chakra Blessing, Dec 15
  Catalyst Arts, Belfast Ireland, Mourning/Keening for my Ancestors, Sept 23-24
  SUNY  New Paltz, Arts Now Conference, 3 Days Art/Life Counseling, Sept
  St Mark's Church, 7th John Cage Bíday Reading, Sending a Proposal for Someone else to Read, Sept
  Old School for Social Sculpture, Mike Osterhoudt, Performative Lecture, July 13
  Velsoni Antique Store, Art/Life Counseling for Kingston Sculpture Day, July 11
  Cleveland Performance Art Festival, Cleveland Public Theatre Jackie Gleason Meets the Chakras, April 25
  Canadia Dell Arte Theatre, Fado Endurance Project, Appreciate the Chakras, 12 Hour Event, 9 Hours Sleeping, Jan 30-31
1998 Lanai Motel, SF, Performantive Healing, Oct 3
  St Mark's Church, John Cage Reading, 3 Minutes Silence , Sept
  Chaos Club, NYC, Sappho's Heart for CD Party. June 18
  San Francisco State, Goodbye __, Hello Benares. A lecture performance. Oct. 15
  The Lab, San Francisco, Chakraphonics with Jackie Gleason, September 15, 16
  UT Art Department, Goodbye ___, Hello Benares. Collaboration with UT students.
  San Francisco Art Institute, 7 Hour Memorial for Kathy Acker and Christine Tamblyn.  Chakraphonics, 7 readers
  Vermont College, Death Inside/Outside. Collaboration, Video, Lecture, Feb. 12
1997 Hyde Park Theatre, A Modern Fairy Tale, Collaboration, Fairy Tale, Job Story, March 6
  Deep Listening SpacePerform Your Chakras, Kingston, NY, July 2.
  Candy Factory, Austin. Chakraphonics.,7 hour marathon with Ellen Fullman and collaborators. April 27
  UT Austin. The First Invisible Faculty Art Show, organized a conceptual art show for UT Faculty. Oct-Nov.
1996 Institute of Contemporary Art, London, The Incident: Influence of Shamanic Cultures on Western Society, Performed Chakraphonics, Oct. 13.
  Huntington Gallery, Healing of Aging, Interactive Installation.
  Beaver College, Performance for Endurance, Traveling Show, January 24.
  Hyde Park Theatre, Help Me, A Shamanistic Retrieval for Margery Segel's Personal Dances, Feb. 14.
  Candy Factory,Chakraphonics with Ellen Fullman and Friends, February 12
  UC, Santa Cruz,Death in the Art/Life of Linda Montano, Tarot Readings, May 13, 15.
  Art Life Institute, Kingston, NY: Charkaphonics with P. Oliveros and Friends, 7 hours.
  RPI Playhouse, iEar Studios: Chakraphonics for Electronic Arts Performance
  Hallwalls, Buffalo, Chakraphonics & Video Lecture
  Amsterdam School for New Dance, The Connected Bod; Astral Performance.
1995 Planet Theatre: Consultant with Annie Sprinkle's Metamorphosex. Performed as Sr. Jacques.
  The Lab, Telephone Counseling , The Five Year Salon.
  New Museum, New York City, Tarot Readings, December 13-17, 1995.
  Huntington Gallery, UT Austin, Cavalcade of Sports Group, October 12, 1995, Faculty Performance.
  SNUG Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island (Performance Retrospective)
  University of North Texas Gallery: Gender, Myth , and Exploration
  Candy Factory, 7 Chakra Marathon, Collaboration with Ellen Fullman and seven dancers
1994 Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art; A Survey History of Performance Art Since 1950 Tarot/Postcard Tarot: Live Performance
  ACTV, Open Studio, Performed on Fausto Fernos' Faustina Show , October 9, 1994
  UT Austin Faculty Show, Installation/Performance
  UT Austin, Day Without Art, Collaboration with Rachel Hinshaw
  Cleveland Museum of Art, Reading Tarot for the Cleveland Performance Art Festival, February 13.
  Bates Recital Hall, Ascending the Ladder, Collaboration with George Firth Percussion, February 19.
  Ananda Ashram, An Artist Asks, "Who Am I?", June 24.
  The Art/Life Institute, Silence, A 7 Hour Dress Rehearsal for Death, Dying, July 27
  School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam, Premier of Astral Appearances for Conference, The Connected Body, August 13-21.
  Meredith Long Gallery, September 28 Faculty Show Performance, Installation
  Laguna Gloria Museum, December 10 - January 22.  Go To Your Room: 3 Days Locked In Bathroom &  Resurrection for Inside/Outside.
1993 Astral Appearances/Performances
1. Art and the Apocalypse:  Attended by video and astrally, April 11-18
2. Chagall Chapel at United Nations:  I visit astrally Feb. 6, May 6, July 6
3. Kleinart Gallery:  Angry Women Performance.  I appear astrally, July 6.
  Candy Factory, 7 Hour Memorial for My Guru, Collaboration with Ellen Fullman, October 24.
  Art/Life Event:  Letter to FBI Trying to Contact & Talk to David Koeresch
  Dec. 8 '91 - Begin & Continue - 1998, Another 7 Years of Living Art
  Diverse Works, Feb. 14, Learning to Love Death, Live in Room 3 days getting over fear of dying.  Fire ceremony and lecture on third day with Drs. A.A. & A.C. Mehta.
  Indiana State University, Mildred's Death, Performance Lecture to Performance Class
  Ananda Ashram:  1.  Appeared in Ramagana; 2.  Performed Death & Resurrection
1992 Ananda Ashram:  Enrico Caruso Appears Again, Dec. 31.
  Life on the Water: Singing the Chakras:  Good Sound Band
  Ananda Ashram: Change from White to Purple, 12/8.
  Laguna Gloria Museum: Gender: Fact or Fiction; Tarot Reading, 11/1, 11/8.
  Univ. of Kansas, Law. Death & Neurosis, 11/15.
  Fiesta Gardens: Gay Pride Festival: Linda as Bob Dylan, 9/20.
  NAAO Conf., Austin, for Women & their Work; Chakra Blessings, 10/1.
1991 Diverse Works, Houston, 7 Chakras, 2/91.
  Kitchen, 7 Chakras, 11/19.
  Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC, Cleaning the Floor, 1/31
  U. of T, Austin, 7 Chakras, Feb. 14
1990 The New Museum, The Decade Show, May.
  Open Center, NYC, Oct. 7.
  Washington State University, April 28, Sex and Death.
  Barrett House at Poughkeepsie Mall; Tarot, 10/15.
  Washington State University., Video/ Lecture, 4/28.
  COCA, Seattle, Fear & Death, 4/17; , 4/16.
  Kingston, NY, Opening Art/ Life Inst. - 7 Hrs. in a Snorkle, 4/16.
  Times Square Spectacolor, Billboard sign, 1 + 1 = 1 and Heart, 3/1-30.
  Southern Exposure, San Francisco, Tarot/ Lecture/ Performance - 3/23.
  Academy of Art, San Francisco, Art in Everyday Life, 3/1.
1989 Pathwork Center; Change from Blue-Purple.
  Unison - Benefit; The 7 Chakras, 9/10.
  Ananda Ashram; The 7 Chakras, June/July; The Ramayana.
  St. Lawrence University Wetner Center, Mourning Mill My Mother,
  Katz & Dawgs Gallery, Sex 3:5 Nights of Living Art, 2/11-15.
1988 Chicago Art Institute; 5 Nights of Living Art, 11/5-9.
  Barrett House; Retrospective, 10/7-16.
  RIM Institute; Opening the Chakras, 9-16.
  Ohio State University, Feb. 21, Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
  Opus 40, Learning to Talk, June 11.
  Unison, What Makes Linda Montano Tick, June 16.
1987 Paezo, Electric, Metaphysical, group show.
  Bard College, Group Show.
  New Music America, Oct. 2-11, Casio Portraits.
  Rutgers College, March 26, Collaboration with Oliveros.
  University of Iowa, Nov. 26, Performance and Panel.
  San Francisco Art Institute, Nov. 11, Retrospective.
  Camerawork, Sex, Nov. 13.
1986 NYU,Change from Orange to Yellow, Richard Schechner (Organizer), 12/8.
  Santa Cruz Museum, Art in Everyday Life, 11/13.
  San Jose State University, Art in Everyday Life, 11/11.
  Antioch College (Drama Therapy Conference), Art in Everyday Life, 11/8.
  Boston Film Video Foundation, 7 Years of Living Art, 10/24.
  Long Island University, Hillwood Art Gallery, 10.24, 7 Years of Living Art.
  Mass. College of Art, (EventWorks), 4/24-26, 7 Years of Living Art.
  PS, 122, Avantgardorama, 3/8, 4/24-26, 7 Years of Living Art.
1985 Art/ Life Institute, Change from Red to Orange, 12/8.
  Houston Festival, (Performance Rodeo), 4/24, 7 Years of Living Art.
  Center for Music, "What's Cooking?," 2/16, 7 Years of Living Art.
  Mills College, "Electronic Music Performance," 9/8, 7 Years of Living Art.
1984 Landmark Center, St. Paul, The Twins (fairy tale), 9/22.
  Landmark Towers , Twin Towers Reading, three days, 16 hours reading phone book, 9/22-25.
  Film in the Cities, 9/15, 7 Years of Living Art.
  Area, NYC, Hearing Confessions as Father Rosita, 7/22.
  Fleming Museum, 1/1, Presentation of One Year Performance, Franklin Furnace,"Artists Call Ag. Intervention in Latin America."
  Full Moon Meditations at 111 Hudson St.
1983 Sarah Lawrence Coll., Perf. as Identity,  curator, T. Whitfield.
  Ear Inn, 11/29, Horse Sings from Clouds, with Pauline Oliveros."
  No Se No, 42 Rivington, Tehching Hsieh & Linda Montano.
  No Se No, 26 Performers at NY Runners Club, 10/12.
  Fashion Moda, 10/1, Food for the Soup Kitchen.
  lll Hudson, Art/ Life One Year Performance, Montano/ Hsieh Tied for 1 Yr.,
  Women's Studio Workshop, Collaboration 3:Teresa,  with Dolores Hajosy, 7/2.
  Sushi, Presentation of New Work, San Diego, 5/8
  Just Above Midtown, 4/29, 4/30, Presentation of New Work.
  School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Artistic Psychic Aid, 3/13.
  Marymount Theatre, 1/27, Horse Sings from Clouds, Oliveros and Friends.
  Chicago Art Institute, Readings: Visual Collaborations, 4 Chicago Artists.
  Marcia Plevins Dance Co., Coming Home, the Myth of Romance, a collaboration.
  Franklin Furnace, Interaction Arts Festival, Dec., party with performances.
1982 Ear Inn, 326 Spring, NYC, Dec. 28, Sister Jacques Bernadette; Chakra Balancing
  Zen Arts Center, No Room at the Inn, a collaborative fairy tale.
  Kitchen, May 15, with Oliveros, Teitlebaum, Kosoughi,voice, singing.
  Designating the Art/ Life Institute, a conceptual framework for ideas/ actions, Kingston, NY
  Zen Arts Center, Mt. Tremper, NY, Transformation, a fairytale ensemble.
  Creative Music Studio, Woodstock, NY, Piano Portraits & Fairy Tales.
  Real Art Ways, Hartford, Con., Palm Reading, Feb. 12.
  Frank Marino Gallery, NYC.,Palm Reading, Feb. 23.
  Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC, The Making of Americans, Reader, Jan. 2.
1981 Zen Arts Center, If You Lived Here You'd be Home Now,fairytale.
  West Hubbard Gallery, Chicago, Ill., From the Horse's Mouth, psychic puppet.
  West Hubbard Gallery, Madison, Appearance by Dr. Jane Gooding, Nov. 17.
  Z.A.C., Your Contribution will be Worth More than Anything Before, fairytale.
  Cabrillo Music Festival, CA, La Casita, chapel, healing room, Aug.
  Perf. Center of Oberlin Dance Coll., How to Talk in Cath. Church, collaboration.
  C.M.E., U.C.S.D., The Secret World from Which There is No Return, M. Freilicher & R. Robboy, opera.
  Franklin Furnace, The Nun's Fairy Tale, London/ Los Angeles Performance Artists.
1980 Banff Center, Canada, Cinderella, Fairytale Ensemble, Dec. 8.
  Avant Garde Festival, NYC, curated by C. Moorman, Sister Rose Reads Palms.
  The Kitchen, Talking about Sex, for My Father, May, musicians, nuns, food.
  Real Art Ways, Hartford, "Emergence: for my Fatherî , collage of sound & food.
  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Listening to the '80s, Inside and Out, a 12 hour event consisting of sitting, walking, and singing guilts form the balcony of the Museum.  Men were nuns, women priests. Jan.
1979 Double XX Gallery, Lace, Los Angeles, Learning to Pay Attention, with P. Oliveros.
1978 LAICA, L.A., Tribute to Mitchell Payne, collaboration with Minnette Lehmann.
  CME, U.C.S.D., Mitchell's Death, Mourning, P. Oliveros, Al Rossi.
1977 "Z," A reenactment of a dream after Mitchell Payne died, M. Freilicher, Nov.
  Artists Coalition, San Diego, A Tribute to Mitchell Payne.
  Some Serious Business, Los Angeles, A Day of Massage on a Venice Beach.
  University of California, San Diego, Learning to Talk, living in a sealed room for 5 days as 5 different people.  A video camera transmitted my image to the gallery outside.  Each day I dressed as a different persona and did a three hour drawing as this person.  After 5 days there was a pot-luck celebration and video.
  Women's Building, Los Angeles, "Erasing the Past," Lying for 2 hours with acupuncture nedles in my conception vessel.
  College Art Association, Los Angeles, The David Ross Show, A video portrait of one of my personas with David Ross and the Kipper Kids.
1976 Leucadia Beach, CA, AliveÖThree Days on the Beach in December, When young I thought that I would die when I was 34.  I didn't. I lived on a California beach three days before my 35th birthday.
  Postcard Series, "Astral Travel: While staying physically in Leucadia, I travel astrally to Bud's Ice Cream in San Francisco," An experiment in astral projection.  Friends were invited and appeared there. No friend ever saw me.
  University of California, San Diego, Learning to Talk, a video exploring my personalities and a chance to learn how to talk.
  80 Langton St., San Francisco, Drum Event, For 6 hours a day for 6 days, Nina Wise and I drummed in order to change our awareness using sound..
1975 The Annual, San Francisco, Living Art, Pauline Oliveros, Nina Wise and I live together three days and celebrate Christmas with rebirth.
  Anza Borrega Desert, CA, Living Art, Pauline Oliveros and I live in the the desert for 11 days and document the event as art.
  San Francisco, Living Art Contract, Drawing up a contract which declares that life is art when it is designated and that persons can live life together as art..
  Chicago Art Institute, Trance Dance, Blindfolded, I danced three hours in the form of a cross in the cafeteria.  A guerilla action.
  Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco, Heart Murmur, For three days I taped a stethoscope to my heart and lived publicly in a gallery with my dog.
  University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA, Hypnosis, Dream, Sleep, I was hypnotized before the event and it was suggested that I would be able to sleep, dream, and then sing the dream in the gallery for three hours.
  Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco, The Dancing, Screaming Nun, I danced and scream in a Suzanne Helmuith event.
1974 San Francisco, The Rose Mountain Walking Club, I give walking tours of San Francisco
  Los Angeles, Women's Building
  Three Day Blindfold, For three days I was blindfolded and lived in a gallery publicly.  Pauline Oliveros was my guide.
  63 Bluxome St., Lying in a Crib For 3 Hours Listening to my Mother Talk about Me as an Infant, An attempt to find out about myself from the source.  My dog died during the performance.
  Rhode Island St., San Francisco, Husband-Wife Fashion Show,  My husband, Mitchell Payne and I presented clothes that we would wear at his parents' resort so that we could get rid of fear of being poorly dressed.
  University of California, Davis, Talking about Sex While Under Hypnosis, A hypnotist asked me questions about my sex life and I answered under hypnosis.  I showed the tape at U.C., Davis.
1973 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Living in the park secretly for three days with my dog.
  Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, Handcuffed to Tom Marioni for Three Days.
  San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, The Story of My Life, Walking on a treadmill for three hours telling the story of my life. A smile device kept me smiling.
  Rhode Island St., San Francisco, Home Endurance, I stayed home for a week & documented events, dreams, food intake, visitors.
1972 Street Event, San Francisco, I danced as the chicken woman in 9 different places in the city.
1971 University Art Museum, Berkeley, Dead Chicken, Live Angel, Lying for three hours, for three days , in a chicken bed.
1969 University of Wisconsin, Madison, Chicken Show, A multi-media presentation of chickens in the city and in the University gallery.
1956-59 Girl's Sextette, Saugerties High School, singing.
1956-60 Irish Night for St Mary's Church, dancing.

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1984-91 A Postcard a Year for 7 Years of Living Art
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1986 Santa Cruz Museum, 11/15.
  San Jose State, 11/11.
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  La Manelle, CA, 11/9.
  San Francisco, CA, 11/7.
  Intersection, Bard College, 10/22.
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2009 Saugerties Library: Laughter Exercises Feb 19
  Karen Finley's Class, New York Univ; April 13/14
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  Goddard College: Skype workshop for Bonnie Collum.
  San Jose ICA: Art/Life Workshop, May.
  Vt College of Fine Arts: Outside teacher for Leslie Crawford.
2006 Univ of  New  Mexico,  Steven Barry's  class  via  email  and  phone
  NYU  class for  Gwendolyn  Atler  Nov.
2005 UCSC,Oct for Elizabeth Stevens.
  Ananda Ashram,Letters as Prayers. August.
  S.F.A.I. for Sharon Grace,Oct.
  New School,S.F.,for Sade,Oct.
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2002 Benedictine Hospital Oncology Support Group: Spring Cleaning Your Chakras. March.
  Wenton Art Center  Sleep over  workshop, all night.
2001 S.F.A.I.,  San Francisco, Sharon Grace class. 10/30.
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1999 Univ S Maine, Chakras, Nov
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1996 School for New Dance, Amsterdam, Astral Workshop
  Ananda Ashram, Chakras
  U.C. Santa Cruz, Chakras
1995 Ananda Ashram, "Listen to your chakras," December
  Wise Woman Center: Tantra Workshop with Annie Sprinkle, June
  Ananda Ashram: Chakra Journey, June
1994 Ananda Ashram, June 27 - June 30, Workshop
  UT Austin, September 25 for Rod Caspers, Theatre
  UT Austin, October 25 for Sandra Goldman, Art History
1993 UT Women's Studies Series, Post Menopausal Women
  Thinking About Death & Dying, 2/24
  Ananda Ashram, Summer, Workshop.
  UT Arlington, November 29, 1993, Lecture/Workshop
  Ashram, December 27-31, Workshop
  UT Women's Studies Series, Post Menopausal Women
  Thinking About Death & Dying, 2/24
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1991 Rochester Institute of Technology, 4/27.
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  The Art Life Institute, 4/87, Food, Sex, Money, Death.
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  SF State, 4/15, for Ellen Zweig, Art-Life.
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  Maitreya Institute for Frontiers of the Mind, Perf. Workshop.
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1984 NYU, for Richard Schechner, One Year Performance.
  Film in the Cities, 9/17, Lecture, Collaboration.
  Chicago Art Institute, for Tom Jariba, 9/14.
  Banff Art Center, 8/12, Video Performance taught with Nancy Cain.
  College of New Rochelle, lecture on work and new work with Hsieh, 2/1.
1983 NYU, lecture in Schechner's class, Performance as Identity, with Hsieh.
  NYU, lecture in S. Kleckner's class, Photography as Performance, 9/24.
  Tyler School of Art Institute of Chicago, 2/22, Past and Recent Work, slides, video.
  Tyler School of Art, past work, 2/16, for Stephen Laub's performance class.
  Zen Arts Center, Collaborative performance workshop, with movie/ t.v.
  School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Workshop, Feb. 22.
  Nancy Plevin Dance Studio, Winston Salem, Performance workshop, 15 participants.
1982 Seedling Day Care, Saugerties, NY, Workshop for children, adults, Nov
  Sagrada Art Studio, Albuquerque, Performance Workshop, Sept. 21.
  Creative Music Studio, Class, Conceptual Music, Slides, lecture, March-April.
  Zen Arts Center, Ongoing performance workshop.
1981 Woodland Patterns, Milwaukee, Nourishment, Slides of food and art, Nov. 20.
  University of Wisconsin, Madison, Meditation, workshop, Nov. 17.
  Chicago Art Institute, for Moira Roth, Food and art slides, video on anorexia, Nov. 23.
  Zen Art Center, Workshop, Sept. 8.
  Orange County Museum of Art, CA, Workshop, performance, May 17, July 8.
  University of Southern California, for Diane Rothenberg, Slides, food, and art, Video.
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  UCSD, for M. Roth, Slides of own work, Video, Jan. 9.
  UCSD, for Pauline Oliveros, Conceptual music, Slides of work and lecture.
  USC, for D. Rothenberg, Slides of food and art, Workshop, Jan
1980 Banff Center, CA, relaxation and performance, Dec. 3.
  U of Wisconsin, Madison, for Ernie Moll, Slides of work and video, M. Death, May 6.
  Cornish School, Seattle, Slides of work, video, April 2.
  And/Or Gallery, Seattle, Workshop, Relaxation for Artists, May 29.
  Hayward State, for M. Roth, Slides of work, video, Relaxation, Mar. 6.
  Center for Music Experiment, Fairy tale workshop.
1979 Sacramento State, for Ellen Van Fleet, video, M. Death, Learn to Talk.
  Women's Building, Video Lecture Workshop.
1978 UCLA, for Barbara Noah, slides of work, video, M. Death.
  SF Art Institute, video, M. Death.
  Oberlin College, video. M. Death.
1977 SF Art Institute, for Harry Bowers, slides of work, video.
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1975 California College of Arts and Crafts, Performance workshop, slides and video.
  De Paul University, Chicago, for Phil Windsor, slides of Porn and art.
  Lone Mountain College, SF, for Judy Lenhares, slides of work.


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  Mitchell's Death
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  Primal Scenes, Ontario College of Art, Toronto
1991 Death & Dying, University of Illinois
  Mitchell's Death, San Francisco Art Institute,  Ontario College of Art.,  Pittsburg Filmmakers,  Univ. of Michigan Ann Arbor
1990 On Death and Dying, St. Louis Community College
  Mitchell's Death, Concordia University, CA, Northwestern University, Ill. NYU
  Gallery 911, Seattle
  Anorexia Nervosa, 911, Seattle
  Learning to Talk, 911, Seattle
1989/88 Mitchell's Death; University of Kentucky; OSU, Columbus; Hampshire College, Amherst, MA:; MOCA, Chicago; University of is., Mll.; Franklin & Marshall College, PA; St. Lawrence University; Evanston Art Center; Reed College; LACE, LA; ICP; Duke University; NYU; Ontario College of Art; Savannah College of Art; Northwestern University; Mills College; Wash. University, St. Louis, MO.
  Learning to Talk - Hampshire College; St. Lawrence Univ,; RISD, Providence, RI; Through the Flower, Valencia
  Anorexia Nervosa - University of Wyoming, Laramie,; NYU; Artists Space, NYC; Through the Flower, Valencia, CA
  Primal Scenes - Ontario College of Art, Canada.
1987 Mitchell's Death; NYU, Ontario Coll. of Art, Bodergarten Kalectiboa, Metro State College, Northern Ill. Univ., Swanston Fine Arts, Mills College.
  Learning to Talk: Reed College.
1986 Mitchell's Death: Boston Film Video Found.
1984 Fleming Museum, VT. 3/10, Mitchell's Death
1983 Mitchell's Death: North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston, Salem, Jan. 11, 1933.,Rising Sun, Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 25, Tyler School of the Arts, Phil. Dec., SAIC 2/22
  Anorexia Nervosa: Rising Sun, Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 25, North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston, Salem, SAIC 2/22
  The End is Near: SAIC 2/22
  Sister Jacques Bernadette: SAIC 2/22
  Sister Rose:  Rising Sun, Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 25
1982 Real Art Ways, Conn., Feb. 12, Mitchell's Death; Learn to Talk; Anorexia.
1981 Anorexia Nervosa:  UCSD, CA, Aug.
  Mitchell's Death : Intermedia Foundation, NYC, , Museum of Modern Art, NYC , Feb
  Learning to Talk: Intermedia Foundation
1980 Mitchell's Death:  Bowdin College, Maine, Apr. 23,  Film in the Cities, St. Paul, Apr. 7, And/ Or Gallery, Seattle, Mar. 29, University Art Museum, Berkeley
  Learning to Talk:  Bowdin College, Maine, Apr. 23, Film in the Cities, St. Paul, Apr. 7,  And/ Or Gallery, Seattle, Mar. 29, University Art Museum, Berkeley
  Pauline Oliveros:  And/ Or Gallery, Seattle, Mar. 29
1977 UCSD, Learning to Talk.
  Some Serious Business, Learning to Talk.
1976 La Mammelle, SF, Learning to Talk.


Video Data Bank, School of the Art Institute, College  Dr., Jackson, Chicago, 60603.
toll free phone number: 1-800-634-8544
VDB carries, Mitchell's Death, Learning To Talk, Primal Scenes, Chakraphonics, Seven Spiritual Lives Of Linda Montano, Seven Stages Of Intoxication, Love Sex, Benares, and Linda Montano: Seven Years Of Living Art,Jackie Gleason Meets the Chakras, Sister Speaks about Tenure, Sister Speaks about talking,


1984 Vt. Cable, Interview with Enzo Pollo, 3/23.
  Channel 6 Woodstock, NY, Continuing programs.
1982 Channel 6, curated by Nancy Cain of Media Bus, April-continuing show.
  Talking with Sister Jacques Bernadette, A call-in show for healing.
1974 KQUD Channel 6, S.F. Curated by Tom Marioni of M.O.C.A., Actions by Sculptors.
  The Home Audience, Chicken Dance with Dog Chicken.


2009 Muddy Cup, Saugerties NY; 8 Hour Teresa of Avila Marathon with showing of Montanos Teresa of Avila, 9/18
  Abrons Art Center; History of the Future (Franklin Furnace & Performa 09) Mitchells Death
  The Third Mind; Guggenheim Museum; Mitchells Death, Jan 30-Ap 19, 2009
2008 New Museum: MITCHELLS DEATH for Night School, Feb-Mar.
  Vancouver Art Gallery, WACK! Art&Fem Revolution, MITCHELLS DEATH ,Oct
  MOCA, WACK SHOW:Mitchell's Death, 3/1/07-7/30/07; Geffen Collection
2006 Centre Pompidou,Fr;LA,1955-1985;3/1-7/1, Mitchell's Death.
2005 Baltic Centre for Cont Art Exchange for Franklin Furnace Archives.Mitchell's death,June-Sept.
  Contemporary Art Center,Cinncinnati.Multiple Strategies.Mitchell's Death.
2004 College of New Rochelle, Visions Alumni, Sharada: Wife of Ramakrishna
2003 Ceres Gallery,Censorious:cur C. Jacobson & M. Zimmerman,Mitchell's Death tape.
2002 San Jose Mus of Art;Parallels & Intesections, Art/Women/Califor, cur:D. Fuller, Mitchell's Death
2001 Cinncinnati Library:Caution Live Art, Mitchell's Death
  Bard College; High Performance, 1st Five Years,cur:JSorkin, Mitchell's Death.
2000 Franklin Furnace: History of the Future: video: Mitchell's Death, cur MWilson.
1999 Whitney Mus of Amer Cent:Part 11, Video: Mitchell's Death
  Los Angeles County Museum. Made In Ca. 1980-2000. Birth of Chicken woman. Video
  The History Of The Future.Franklin Furnace. Mitchell'sDeath included.
1998 MOCA Travel:LA,Tokyo,Vienna, Barcelona, Out of Actions: 1949-79, video: Mitchellís Death
  Downtown Community Television, NYC, Surveying The First Decade, Mitchell's Death
1996 Senon Gallery, Santa Cruz, MItchell's Death  for Mortal Coil
  Museo National Centre de Arte, Seville Spain, April, Seven Years of Living Art
1995 Video Data Bank, Survey of American Video Art, The First Decade; Primal Scenes
1992-93 Museum of Modern Art, NYC. Two Decades: Mitchell's Death, 10/15-1/3.
1991 Museum of Modern Art: Consumer Tales/ Personal Visions: Mitchell's Death, 9/5-11/10.
1987 Fresno Arts Center: A Survey of Calif. Women Artists, 9/86-8/87.
  LACE, Video/ Language; Video as Language, 12/86-1/87, Mitchell's Death.
1985 Geneva Video Festival, Mitchell's Death, 11/8.
  Floating Gallery, High Falls, Mitchell's Death, 7/8.
  Long Beach Museum, National Video Festival, Olympic Screenings, 7/14 M.FD.
1982 Media Bus, Woodstock, NY, Night Owl Show, Ch. 6, Jan., Feb., March, Curator, N. Cain.
1981 Tucker, Marcia,Not Just for Laughs: the Art of Subversion, New Museum, NY
1980 Channel Zero, San Francisco, An Afternoon of Mom and Pop T.V., Sept, 21, Curated by G.S. Kratz & L. Lemon, "Chicken Woman."
1979 Mitchell's Death:  Everson Video Review,  Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, Sept. '79 - March '80.,  University Art Museum, Berkeley, Nov.. - Jan. "79,  Museum of Cont. Art, Chicago, Oct./ Nov.
1978 Dr. Jane Gooding and the Kipper Kids. Southland Video Anthology, Miami Museum and Art Center, Nov./Dec.,  Mary Porter Seson Gallery, Santa Cruz.,  Media Study Center, Buffalo.
1975 Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, Interviews with Bay Area Conceptual Artists, with Jeanette Willison, Appear as "Dr. Jane Gooding," May 11.


2005 DAD  ART;OLD AGE,SICKNESS & DEATH, story of my father's life and death.
2004 Always Creative; interviews with elders over 80 who are incredibly wild and wonderful.
1999 Sister Speaks About Tenure, Sister Speaks About Talking
1998 Benares, The story of cremation rites in Benares India.
1997 Love Sex , erotic stories told over  ritual images
1996 7 Spiritual Lives of Linda Montano. Montano tells story in fairy tale style. Chakraphonics; Instructions on sounding the Chakras. A fairy tale and true story
1995 7 Stages of Intoxication. Addresses aging from the point of view of alcoholism. Sharada Wife of Ramakrishna: The story of two saints in documentary form
1994 The 7 Chakras:  Produced/Directed by Maida Barbour
1990 Interviews with the Mehtas: 2 Ayurvedic Doctors
1986 Beyond Condoms: Sex 1 & 2, Collaboration: S. Kolpan, How to Have Safe Sex.
1983 The Live Show, NYC, Sr. Jacques Bernadette, 8 min., Jan. 28, Sr. Jacques gives healing techniques for those with problems with the 1st chakra, Sex.
  The End is Near, Jan. 21, an ongoing soap on Ch. 6, Woodstock, It is improvisational and uses non-actresses/ actors, each performing for three mins.., Media Bus.
1982 The Rose, Dec., 10 min., Montano plays a casio, Oliveros uncovers a live rose.
  Leftovers, Dec., Montano makes recipes from holiday leftovers in Italian accent, Hajosy assists as Latin shamaness, Media Bus.
  Relationships, Montano, Stern & Cross are professional "experts" on heartaches & broken relationships, Media Bus, 20 min.
  Karate, Montano is given a green belt exam by Oliveros, 20 min., Media Bus.
  On Death, Oct., Montano, Stern, Cross, dressed as nuns, play cards as a nurse, Hornbeck, describes the dying process, Media Bus.
  Sister Jacques Bernadette, Montano dressed as a French nun, does healing of the 7 chakras using hypnosis and self-help tips, 60 min., Media Bus.
1980 Anorexia Nervosa, 5 Women with eating disorders talk about their problems, 1 hr.
  Pauline Oliveros, Voice and Music, Oliveros talks about past with slide images, 20 min., Media Bus and self produced.
  Primal Scenes, Movie of natural childbirth by E. Silver, Montano's mother discusses birth of Montano.
  Sex, 3 Kinds, Montano talks about sexual obsessions.
1979 Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Montano sings cowgirl songs, chickens are images, 20 min.
  C.M.E., Research Fellows from the Center for Music Experiment do three minute performances.
1978 Mitchell's Death, Montano chants the story of the death of her ex-husband, Acupuncture needles are in her face, 22 min.
  Acupuncture, Montano puts acupuncture needles in her face, 1 hour
  Mitchell Payne, Photos of his work and his life, 25 min.
1976-78 Learning to Talk, Montano dresses as 8 different characters and talks in different accents and voices. 1  hour.
1975 Handcuff, Montano and T. Marioni are handcuffed for three days and document their time together.


Continuing ... Blood/Family Art and Life/Art Actions
1994 Residency, Kim Irwin at the Art/Life Institute, Kingston, NY, July 6-8
1991 Residency, Annie Sprinkle.
1990 Residencies, Annie Sprinkle, Toby Z. Liederman/ Faith Pittman
  Opening, Art/ Life Institute, Apr. 1.
1989 Residencies, Shelly Wyant, Pug Heller
  Lecture - Betty Dodson.
1987 Full Moon Sittings
  Residency with Sylvia Nakkach, 4/19.
  Residency with A. Montano.
1986 Opening year, 3.
  Residency with Frank Shifreen, 3/10, residency.
  Residency with Sylvia Nakkach.
1985 Opening year 2 of 7 Years of Living Art, 12/1-, Oliveros plays, "In C."
  Painting Show, Jenny Sponberg, 11/24.
  Painting show & Art show, Linda & Mildred Montano.
  Performance with Mikhail Horowitz, 8/17.
  Residency & Performance, Susan Matheson, 7/28-8/11.
  Residency & Performance, Angelika Festa, 7/15-21.
1984 Performance, S. Weed, D. Hajosy, M. Crowne, 12/22.
  Opening Year One of 7 Years of Living Art, 12/1.
  Performance, Martha Wilson, Nov. 8.
  Full Moon Sittings, 1984-1991.


1984 High Performance by Johanna Demetrakas.


2008 UCSC: Radio panel, for INTERVENE!INTERRUPT! May.
2006 SVA,NY,Distance/Presence,attended via audio,M Wilson,R Goldberg,V Nemec and people from Another 21 Years of Living Art,my collaborative performance.
2004 Art Lab, Snug Harbor Mus,ART/LIFE, cur by Milenkarose.
2002 College Art Assoc, Free Rad in the Classrm,Maverick artists/Visionary Ed:cur:LWeintraub.
2001 SFAI,  Concept  Art.T Marioni, H Fried, etc  Mod :S Grace
  Agnes Etherton Art Cen, Ontar,Can; Museopathy:cur J&J Fisher/Drobnick
  Location One,NYC Art As Spiritual Practice;cur B Marranca & M Monk.
  Aranoff Art Center,Ohio.Caution:Live Art.Maria Troy,moderator.
1998 Q Spirit,SF, Practical Spirituality, Oct
1997 Astral Panel, Hyde Park Theatre, March 7, Astral Appearance
1996 ICA, London, "Lost Knowledge," Astral Appearance, October 15
1994 SECACA Panel, "Getting In Over Your Head," New Orleans
  School for New Dance, Amsterdam, Two Astral Panels
1988 WomanCraft Gallery, Tucson, Az., "Women & Transformation," 9/19.
1987 Iowa State University,  "Video/ Technology."
  New Music America, Philadelphia,  "Sound and Performance."
1986 New Museum, "Attention," With Tom McEvilley, moderator
  Annenberg School, University of Pa., Women's Caucus for the Arts, "Being & Becoming."
1985 Zen Arts Center, Bonnie Trace, "Women: Consc. of Choice & Vow," 5/8.
  College Art Association, Diff Bet. Male & Female Perf., Los Angeles
1984 Baca, Pretty is as Pretty Does, Vernita Nemec, mod.


1987 Rutgers College, 3/26, Roots of the Moment, (Oliveros), Waking the Heart, 10/24.
  Real Art Ways/ Art/ Life in Collaboration, Coco Gordon, "Dream."


1998 North Carolina, Marriage Blessing: S. Krukowski and D. Davidson, May
  Austin, Friendship Ceremony for Olivia Aldin and her friends, April
1994 Austin, Marriage Ceremony for Lilian Garcia-Roig and Alec Norton, April.
1984 New York City, Baptism for Susan Kleckner, January.
1974 San Diego, Baptism for John Doe, February.


Inducing Knowledge by Enduring Experience: Function of Postmodern Pragmatic Aesthetics in Linda Montano's LIVING ART. Alisa Brandenberg.
Lori Gordon As Linda Montano, Lori Gordon, 2007.
The Art & Science of Self-Help Through Works of Lygia Clark & Linda Montano by Daniel Abrams,Vermont College, 2007.
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The Female Body IN Performance, Rutgers Univ, 2003
Kara Reilly, Linda Montano, Performance Art's Giggling Saint,NYU Performance Studies
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Intersection: Womens Performance Art, Justine La Mont, University of Virginia
Mutilating the Body, Kim Hewitt, Reader and mentioned on pp. 119, 126
Redemption in the Art & Life Performances of Linda Montano, A. Festa, for NYU. Performance Studies, "89.
Evolution of the Environmental; Realization of Space in the 20th Century, P. Malloy, '88.
Performance Art as Therapy Practice, M. Rhodes, MA, Lesley College, Boston, '88.


1987-86 Art Beats.
1985 Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Oct. 27, One Year Perf.
1984 Ch. 5, Minn., "News, Tower Phonebook Readings," 9/20.
  Ch. 4, St. Paul, "News, Tower Phone book Reading," 9/20.
  NBC, "Today Show," News 7 AM,  7/5, Rope Piece.
  CNN, Cable Network News, 7/5, Rope Piece.
  CBS, NY News, 7.5, Rope Piece.
  Channel D, MCTV: John Wilcock Show, Rope
  CBS Channel 2 News: Jane Mitchell, Rope
  Cable News TV, Cable News Network
1983 Channel J, NYC,The  End is Near
  Channel 6, Woodstock, The  End is Near
  Channel J, Live Show, Sister Jacques Bernandette
  Channnel 6, Woodstock, The End is Near


2008 Love Art Lab: Sprinkle/Stephens, Montano's, A Love Prayer.
1998 How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall, CD by Brenda Hutchinson. Piano, Merkin Hall, NYC, March
  CRI; Lesbian American Composers ; CD May, Sapphoís Body, 7 minute sound
1992 The 7 Chakras with the Good Sound Band


1992 Europa Books: Angry Women, 9/19.


WSW, Oct 2007 One Hour With Linda Montano.
Deep Listening Institute, 2006 One Hour Time with Montano auctioned.
W.S.W. 2006, One Hour With Montano.
ASK Gallery,Kingston.2005.2 collages
Dabora Gallery, Brooklyn;Mortis Show;Art/Life Jacket auctioned, donate to Catholic Charities.
Women's Studio Work, 2003
WOMEN'S STUDIO WORKSHOP, 7/21, Donate Art/Life Certificates
WSW. July14.Donated 7 art coats1 art pants,  1 woodcut,We Are All One.
Project Artaud. Nov9 Master of Ceremonies for  auction.
Womens Studio Workshop, Art/Life Counseling March 99
Donskoj Gallery, Collaged Paintings  March 99
Scessions Gallery, San Francisco, Small Discards Show, Shoe Donation
Women's Studio Workshop, July, 1995, "1 Hour Silence with Linda M. Montano"
KLRU, July 1994
Women's Studio Workshop, New York, July, 1994
KLRU, Spring 1993, Telephone Tarot
WSLO, Summer 1993, Telephone Tarot


2007 Ulster Community College,co-juror with Beth Wilson for show: Beyond Self
1997 Chicago Art Institute, Grad Fellowship Panel, June
1994 Juror for Trends in Mutilation, Artists Co-op of Austin, October 1, 1994.


2005 Feast of Fools Podcast, host Fausto Fernos
2002 60th B-Day Party, cur: Daniel Wasko
1996 Franklin Furnace: Voyeur's Delight, Collaboration with Bob Anderson
1995 Anonymous Problems: Internet collaboration with Bob Anderson: collecting problems on Internet and, once collected, donor stops worrying about the problem.


Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Consultant
PForm Magazine
Old School for Social Sculpture, Mike Osterhout



2003-Present Alexander Street Press,Women'sDrama Project, plays.
1997 Smithsonian Institute, National Museum of American Art, Mitchell's Death
1996 Bob Schiffler Collection, Cleveland Ohio, 16 Sluts and Goddesses in Linda Montano, photos by Annie Sprinkle
1978-Present Center For Creative Photography,Montano's photo images.
1970 Private Collection: 24 Drawings of legs and feet , owned by Steven Collins, Santa Fe



The History of the Future.  Franklin Furnace.  Mitchell's Death included.


One Year Performance, Tehching Hsieh. Included in his rope documentation.


2003 Saidye Bronfmann Gal,Montreal:14 Years of Living Art, cur JFisher
1999 Maine College of Art,Gorman; 14 Years of Living Art,cur C Eyler.


Women's Studio Workshop:Holdings: Artists Books. 2 books by Montano.
Lib of Congress:Reactions:ExitArt:Pub Reaction to 9/11;Silence by Montano.


VASSAR GABY CODY 12/31/09(repeat i think but ok Linda
MASKS Linda1/13/10
DEATH CLASS 3/22/10 Linda
Photo of you so excellent Annie S 2/03
GOLD MEDALIST Cindy M 2/23/10
DAD Eileen Montano 2/22, 2/10
You, Steve Collins, 2/10
Post Gershwin, K Brew, 2.04
Linda Montano Me as man and woman 2/04
Linda and Dr Huang 13/24